Saturday, February 20, 2010

Allergies - The Bad Side to Cosmetics

All of us have varying degrees of sensitivity of the skin. There are some of us whose skin seems invulnerable to allergies and irritations, while some have skin which develops rashes with just one light prick of a pin or a needle.
Regardless of how sensitive or seemingly insensitive our skin is, it is important to know that all of us are vulnerable to getting allergies and skin irritations. It may take a split second for that irritation to develop on the skin, or it may take a few days; the point is, allergies can build up and break out in time.
An allergy can happen to you when an ingredient in the cosmetics that you are using does not agree with your skin, causing your skin to become red and sore. Other symptoms may appear, and these symptoms can worsen, which would make it necessary for you to see a doctor about it. These skin allergies can be caused by using a product without testing it, or through the continual use of a product, letting the allergy to develop and erupt over time. Some allergies to products may appear years after you have been using the product safely.
Because allergies are caused by ingredients that the product contains, you should always make it a point to read the labels carefully before buying cosmetics. Here are the important terms that you need to recognize when checking labels:
    Alcohol Free. It means that the product you are holding does not contain ethyl alcohol, although other types of alcohol may be present.  
    Expiration Date. The expiration date is the deadline for the product use. It means that the product should be consumed or thrown away before this date. However, the way a product is used may make it expire before the indicated expiration date.  
    Fragrance Free. The product does not have a smell; however, fragrances may have been added to mask the odor of the chemicals the product contains.  
    Hypoallergenic. This is supposed to indicate that the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction. However, all products, whether hypoallergenic or not, can cause skin problems over time. Natural. Natural means the product is created with ingredients taken from plants or animals. Noncomodogenic. Noncomodogenic cosmetics are products that are not supposed to contain anything that can clog skin pores and cause acne.
To prevent skin allergies from developing, you should learn to use your makeup and cosmetic products correctly and carefully. Keep your cosmetics tightly-lidded and store them away from the sun. Wash your hands before putting on makeup and do not share your cosmetics with anyone else. Do not put additives like water or saliva to your makeup. If your skin starts breaking out, do not put any makeup on. If the color of the makeup changes or it starts having an odor, it is time to throw them away. 


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